Taste Lab: now online!


I thought of a name for it! Good thing too, because it's finished!

Taste Lab is about two chemists inventing soft drinks for a small girl's approval, but her job gets ever more dangerous as their rivalry grows.

I actually expected to finish this in June, so it's pretty miraculous it's done already. Just goes to show that not sleeping has its benefits! Anyway, I'm pretty happy with this one - I worked pretty hard on the visuals and animation, and hopefully it's paid off. Still room for improvement though, but now it's time for a rest.

I'll post again soon. If there's a demand for it, I might do a "Making Of". We'll see. I really ought to get around to making a demo reel too, now that I've got enough stuff to show.

The film page

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Animation gig: "The Promise"


Late last year I got to work on a short sci-fi movie called "La Promessa" (Italian for The Promise for Melazeta. It was only a freelance gig so unfortunately I didn't get to go to Italy

I animated most of the shots after the first couple of minutes: the canyon chase and woman/baby scenes were done in little under three weeks. It was a huge rush but I'm happy with the quality considering!

In "Film 3" news, I've started a forum thread on Blender Artists Forums, where every couple of weeks or so I post up what I've been working on. You can find it here. I'm at the last stages of building all the characters, props and so on, and am setting up my composition nodes before I begin animating hopefully within the next week or so!

Now all I need is to think of a name for it...

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Mite! released


Finally, it's finished! Mite! was premiered at the Suzanne festival in Amsterdam last month, and is now on general release on YouTube!

I've also posted a short "Making of" on the Blender Artists Forum, which hopefully some will enjoy.

This also seems like a good time to say that I'm working on a new film! I'll try to be a lot more vocal about this one during it's production, so check back here in a couple of weeks where I'll post up some in-progress shots in the blog.

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Meet Suzie


I was hoping to post this earlier, but lately I've been working freelance on a professional Blender film project! I've still got some more to do, but I've got a brief moment to spare, so here's some shots of "film #3". This six-year-old is one of three characters in what should be around 3 minutes of pure madness. The most recurring piece of constructive criticism I got from Mite! was to do with texturing and lighting, so that's what I've been concentrating on. I'll post up more as it comes, though with the work I mentioned it might be a while. In the meantime, here's an in-progress shot of the set.

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New site, new film, new name!


After a long hiatus, ICEBOX is back, now with a shiny new "Studios" replacing the old and dusty "Games" to the end of the name, to make it easier to release both films and games under the same name. For those patient saints that have followed ICEBOX since it's inception, this is the third iteration of the website, and hopefully the final.

But I wasn't going to resurface without something other than just a website to show off. A new film, Mite!, is in post-production and will be finished very, very soon. Once it's had a few screenings, mainly in the London area, I'll be releasing it online. In the meantime, check out some stills!

The main purpose of this site is to provide people with a portfolio of my work, but I will do my best to update this blog with info about upcoming projects, as well as insights into my filmmaking and game-creation endeavours.

Now all I have to do is finish this.

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