Adventure Creator half-off all this week


Unity's holding a Cartoon Blowout sale this week, and Adventure Creator is a part of it at just $35.

Updates have been coming thick and fast over the past few months, and new features include a new 2D demo (playable here), a full GUI editor, multiple player characters, and hundreds of tweaks and improvements. Updates are always free - so if you've ever been inclined to make your own adventure game, now's the time to grab it!

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En Passant wins Best Film!


OK, little late announcing this - work getting in the way and all that.. Anyway, En Passant snatched the Best Film award at this year's Blender Conference, and took away this awesome monkey statue. Big thanks to all who voted for Leilah's descent into the night.

Meanwhile, progress on Adventure Creator has been rapid - the Unity community have been great in offering advice and suggestions, and I've been releasing nearly one update a week! Here are some of the latest features to be added:

- Ability for 2D and 2.5D games, as well as 3D
- Support for both Unity's own 2D framework and the popular 2D Toolkit
- A powerful and easy-to-use interface designer
- Touch-screen support for iOS and Android devices
- Many, many interface options

And more on the way. I've also been busy making video tutorials, which are a good way of seeing how it all works before grabbing it.

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Adventure Creator out now!


After what must be the shortest gap between blog posts since ICEBOX Studios began, my Unity asset has been released!

Adventure Creator is, as you'd expect, a toolkit designed to make adventure games. Specifically, 2.5D and 3D for now - I've been asked a few times about support for old-school 2D games, and it's something I'll be looking into. For now though, go check out the micro-site and watch the launch trailer!

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Brain returns! And an En Passant round-up


Well, not quite in the way you'd expect. The past little while, I've been working on a 3D adventure creation kit for Unity (release / pricing TBC), so I've made a little demo to show it off. And who better to lazily read off marketing spiel than the greatest wrestler in history, Brain himself?

I'll have some proper info about it in the near-future, but for now, enjoy the demo!

Meanwhile, En Passant's had a fantastic response since it's online release. Here's a rundown of it's various appearances around the web:

• I get interviewed by Libre Graphics World
• AintItCool feature it in their weekly Saturday Shorts
BlenderNation describe it as "one of the icons in Blender's history" (thanks, Bart!)
CG Channel compare the film's tone with that of Sweeney Todd
• Blender users discuss in over on Blender Artists
• Some guy on Reddit: "It's like if Pixar had a baby with Sin City and was raised by Moulin Rouge"

If you still haven't seen it, watch it today!

*UPDATE* Found out that speech wasn't playing properly in the demo on Windows PCs - no more!

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En Passant is online!


Last week's awards win was the icing on the cake to En Passant's festival run, and we've decided it's finally time to unleash it onto the interwebs for all to see.

Big, big thanks to everyone involved (and it was a lot of people). It took a very long time to make, so please considering sharing with your friends if you like it.


UPDATE: You can also now grab Leeran's amazing soundtrack for free!

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