En Passant scores two Jerry Goldsmiths!


Big, big congratulations to Leeran Raphaely for winning both Best Song (for Leilah's Ballad) and Best Score for an Animated Film at last night's Jerry Goldsmith Awards ceremony in Spain. That's a quarter of the awards that were going!

Leeran writes:

From the beginning, it was my goal not to write a single love ballad, and that is a goal I have certainly achieved. In short, I wanted to write a musical that, were I to watch it without having been involved with the project, would not cause me to roll my eyes.

A very shared sentiment - I can assure that at no point in the movie do the characters link arms and perform synchronised dancing while facing the camera!

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Yet more En Passant news


En Passan't been selected for next month's Lighthouse International Film Festival. If you just happen to be in New Jersey on 8th June, go check it out! Plus, it's being shown in none other than a Fire Department - what more could you want?

Also, Leilah's theme has been shortlisted twice in this year's Jerry Goldsmith awards! From

The Jerry Goldsmiths are given annually as part of the activities of the festival. This is the eighth edition of the awards which acknowledge the work of composers who are getting started in the audiovisual field (film, television, advertising, or other media) or who, despite having a professional career, have not received mainstream recognition.

The film's amazing soundtrack is the one thing I can get away with bragging about, because I didn't make it! Big congrats to composer Leeran Raphaely for all his hard work.

We're looking to release the film in a little while. In the meantime, I've been working on a redesign for the creaking ICEBOX site. Should be a little less painful to read ;)

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Leilah hits the red carpet


En Passant will be having its US premiere in none other than Hollywood! It'll be screened as part of the LA Indie Film Festival together with a bunch of others at 7pm on 20th March, at the Let Live Theatre, Los Angeles.

The "World premiere" took place here in London in January, when it was screened at the Roxy Bar & Screen, for friends, family, and local film-lovers. It was also the time I first met my collaborator on the film, Leeran Raphaely, so it was a great night all round.

In other news, I've been doing a load of other freelancing. I'll have to see about adding a Portfolio section to the website, in another shameless act of self-promotion. But, it's been giving me a chance to think about the next big thing, and I think I've got something good in mind..

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New reel


Well, En Passant is wrapped and off to festivals! How many like it, we'll see, but for now I've incorporated a couple of clips into the reel. Also included is a clip of Mite 3D! It's an HD/3D update of the 2009 short, commissioned by the Laser Mania guys in St. George, Utah. Go check it out if you're ever in the area!

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En Passant - website and trailer


Major milestone today - the trailer for En Passant, my latest movie project, is right above these very words! Have a watch, and if you want more, you can check out a full synopsis, cast/crew list, and galleries over on the official website here.

For those who missed it, En Passant will be a 15-minute animated musical by myself and songwriter/composer Leeran Raphaely. It'll be complete in a few weeks (November at the latest), and after a hopeful festival run it'll go up online.

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