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You've come across the online portfolio of Chris Burton, an award-winning animation director based in London. He directs movies, develops videogames, and a whole bunch of 3D techno-wizardry for his clients. In his spare time, he likes to eat, so if you're in need of some animation work, hire him!

His most recent piece is the animated musical, En Passant. It involved quite a lot of people.

Pushed for time? His masterfully-condensed showreel is sitting just there on the right.

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Project Goosberry: Animating the rabbit

With Project Gooseberry now at the funding stage, I thought I'd give a little insight into the animation that I've contributed so far. The work I'm doing in is in collaboration with Gecko Animation and Poked Studio, and Gecko have also made a post about the rigging involved.

The little guy will soon be available on the Blender Cloud, so you too can get your hands on him and bend him in all sorts of painful-looking ways. Donate today! :)

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