Da New Guys: Day Of The Jackass

The brawlers face illegal street-fighting and crazed war veterans when one of them wins wrestling's most prestigous title.

Da New Guys are the latest, greatest wrestling trio to hit the Wrestle Zone (well, two of them). Brain, Simon, and Defender are back in another hell-raising adventure.

Six months have passed since the events of the eviction incident, and Brain has somehow managed to become the Wrestle Zone Champion. But when he is kidnapped, Simon and Defender are forced into a journey that will take them to the city's darkest corners, and beyond...


● "The game looks, sounds, and plays like a lost classic from the golden age of adventure games"

● "I honestly had trouble putting the game down... it was so damned funny."
Die Hard Game Fan

● "Da New Guys is the most pure fun I’ve had with an adventure game in quite some time."
Just Press Start

● "You’ll definitely have a good time."
Gaming Irresponsibly